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 VMGD Services

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD) pride itself in providing timely and accurate information to its end users and Vanuatu’s population. Based on its vision and mission, it strives to be the best service provider.
VMGD provides an exhaustive list of services provided through this website, which can be very useful in decisions people make now, 3 days from now, 7 days from now and even 6 months from now.
We encourage the public of Vanuatu to make use of these services listed below, some of which are updated almost around the clock.

Although we strive to provide to you the very best, we do not guarantee the accuracy and the timeliness. Please read our Site’s Terms and Conditions. Below is the list of services each section provides.

Forecast Section

Public Forecasts
1. Four Day precise forecast for the main provincial centers, issued twice a day, available on website
2. Hourly images, uploaded on the VMGD website
3. Public Forecast for Radio and FM station Outlets, issued every 4 hours, also uploaded on website
4. Four Day Provincial Forecast via the website, updated three times a day.
5. 7 Day forecast for provincial centres, also available on website
6. Forecast Policy, issued twice daily
7. 7 Day forecast for Weekly IPV and Independent Newspaper and daily forecast for Daily Post Newspaper, also posted on website

Marine Forecasts
8. 4 Day marine Forecast, including wave and swell height, issued twice a day. The marine forecast covers six boundaries: The Northern Waters, the Central Waters, the Channel between Efate and Erromango, the Southern Waters and Port Vila and Luganville Harbor.
9. High Seas Forecast Covering Area 10S to 23S, 160E to 175E

Aviation Forecast
10. Terminal Aerodrome Forecast issued every 6 hours
11. Area Forecast issued every six hours
12. Route Forecast for Air Vanuatu [currently not available on website]
13. Trend Type Forecast for the three international Aerodromes NVSS, NVVV and NVVW

Weather Warnings
14. Coastal Marine wind warning, issued every six hours when current.
15. High Seas Wind Warning covering Area 10s to 23S, 160E to 175E, issued every six hours when current
16. Tropical Cyclone three Day outlook, issued twice a day
17. Tropical Cyclone information, advisories and warnings, issued when a Tropical Low or a Tropical Cyclone is within Vanuatu’s Area.
18. Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map, indicating the past track and the 48 hour forecast track for current tropical cyclones affecting Vanuatu
19. Tsunami information and advisories
20. Severe weather warnings issued for rainfall of 100mm/24 hrs or more and inland winds of 20 KM/HR or more, issued every six hours when current
21. Severe Weather outlook, issued twice daily

Observation Section Services
The observation Section provides the following services
3 Hourly Synoptic Data
Hourly METAR
Short and long term weather forecast briefings to rural communities in Vanuatu
Awareness programs to schools and communities in rural areas in Vanuatu

Climate Services

About the Vanuatu Climate Division
The Climate Division of VMGD is responsible for the collection, quality control, processing, storage and retrieval of meteorological, and climatological for use in the various sectors, such as in agriculture, energy and water resources.
One of its primary responsibilities is the preparation and issuance of long term climate predictions, seasonal climate (monthly, 3-monthly and 6 monthly) forecasts and advisories on extreme climate events such as El Niño and La Niña. It provides technical support to NDMO and various sensitive sectors during ENSO events. It also pursues climate and climate change studies and researches in support of national developments.

Data Management
The Climate Division manages data from its 8 operational synoptic sites. This involves the operation and maintenance of the VMGD’s Climsoft Database for the collection, processing, storage and retrieval of climatological for research and for general usage. It also includes data collected from a number of voluntary sites around the country and data from it’s recently established ‘national rainfall network’.
To preserve the integrity and consistency of data, the quality control measures are strictly observed, processing, archiving of meteorological and data rescue of climatological data are done in accordance with World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recommended practices and standards. Data rescue efforts at VMGD is done in collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Information and Prediction Services
VMGD through the Climate Division is actively involved in Awareness raising around the archipelago in an effort to get the general public to understand more about its services and other extreme climate phenomena’s. The main target groups are schools (both primary and secondary schools) and rural communities which make up 70% of the total population. Awareness topics include ENSO and its impacts, climate change and its impacts, tropical cyclones, clarification on warning systems and services; and on occasions try to raise the profile of Tsunamis.
Climate Forecasting is currently the core service provided by the Climate Division through its bulletin ‘The Vanuatu Climate Update’. These are Seasonal Rainfall Forecasting (6-monthly forecast), 3-monthly forecasts for the 2 main regions of Vanuatu, North Vanuatu which include TORBA, SANMA, PENAMA and MALAMPA Province (12°S – 16ºS) and South Vanuatu which includes SHEFA and TAFEA Province (16° – 22°S). Specific forecasts for each province are also available. Tropical Cyclone Guidance are released before each cyclone season.
The Climate Division also contributes to the preparation of the ‘Island Climate Update’ which is a seasonal forecast service produced by the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) for the Pacific Island Countries. The products are also distributed to sectors in the country.
The Climate Division is also committed to providing information for clienteles following set procedures set by VMGD.

Research and Development
The Climate Division is always actively pursuing developments that would enhance the VMGD’s services.
Currently the Climate Division provides information for and actively contributes to climate change activities in the country.
The Climate Division maintains liaison and coordinate with local and international institutions in the conduct of collaborative researches and studies in climatology, seasonal climate prediction/variability and allied fields.

Geo-Hazards Section

For a detailed list of services, visit Geo-Hazard Section’s website www.geohazards.gov.vu