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 Careers with Vanuatu Meteorological Services


Meteorologists are personnel who have achieved a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and or Physics at a recognized University. A second year course in either of the two disciplines is adequate. A Bachelor in Meteorology is also acceptable.

On successfully being accepted into Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD), the successful candidate will then undergo on the job training at the Vanuatu Forecasting Center for six to twelve months period. During that period, VMS will search for a placement as well as funding either in Australia, New Zealand, India or Philippines. After completing that 6 to one year period, the candidate will take up a one year training either in Australia, New Zealand, India or Philippines. The course conducted consists of both lectures and a month to two month practical work. The course covers dynamic, thermodynamics, synoptic and physical meteorology.

Upon successfully completing the course the meteorologist will return to Vanuatu and will do an on the job training for a period of two months. Upon successfully completing this on the job training period, the meteorologist will then become a full operational forecaster.


A Climatologist must possess a University degree (BA/BSc) majoring in either Climatology, Environmental Science or Geography. Some basic knowledge and experience in handling climatological data is useful. Must possess good computing skills. The main tasks of climatologists include data analysis, responding to climate enquiries, climate publications and research related work.

Meteorological Observer

The job of an Observer is to collect meteorological data to support the work of meteorologist and climatologist. The minimum qualification is a good pass in PSSC, Foundation USP level or First Year Degree with a good performance in English, Mathematics and a Science subject. Once the candidate is being accepted, he or she is required to undertake a Pre WMO Meteorology Training Course, conducted internally. Upon successfully completing the training, the officer will then undergo a 3 months on-the-job training at Bauerfield Observation Section, under the supervision from an experienced Observer. When the Observation Section is satisfied with the officer’s performance, the candidate will work by himself or herself. The officer may also be posted to any of the outer-stations within Vanuatu.

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