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  Tsunami Warning System

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD) is responsible for issuing Information and Advisories regarding the development of Tsunamis generated both locally and regionally.
Whenever there is an earthquake, volcanic eruptions, landslides and underwater earthquakes within Vanuatu or the region that may trigger a Tsunami the Vanuatu Tsunami Warning Centre (VTWC) will be activated. It will start issuing bulletins containing Tsunami Information, then Advisories as appropriate.

All Tsunami “Information” and “Advisories” for Vanuatu will be numbered, starting from Information, then Advisory.
The contents of the information and advisory issued by the Vanuatu Tsunami Warning Center are based on data from local seismic stations, Seiscom, local knowledge and other sources, such as the Tsunami Bulletins issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The contents of the information and advisory are formulated according to Vanuatu’s topography, landscape, proximity to the epicenter and local conditions.

A bulletin containing a Tsunami Information is issued to inform emergency management officials and the public that an earthquake has occurred. In most cases, there is no threat of a destructive tsunami. Bulletins containing Tsunami Information will be issued once only.

A bulletin containing a Tsunami Advisory will specify that there is a potential for a Tsunami threat which may produce strong currents or waves dangerous to those in or near the water. Bulletins headed as Tsunami Advisories will be issued every one hour for regional earthquakes. This will be reduced to 30 minutes if the Tsunami waves are heading closer to Vanuatu or earlier if new information and data becomes available.
For local Tsunami, advisories are issued every 30 minutes, or earlier when new information and data becomes available.

The expected time of arrival of tsunamis will be given in Advisory bulletins, but not Information. This will ensure there is adequate preparedness time for the public and emergency managers in case the actual event occur. Tsunami Heights will not be given in advisories.